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Our first project, definitely something too far from us.

YouRemind was born during the last high school period, as a personal project of Alessandro (2015). The initial idea was the creation of a platform that would allow us to tell our everyday life in a digital diary, with the peculiarity of being able to choose one or more heiresses and leave them automatically a copy of what is written, through an ebook, when the platform is not being accessed for a predetermined number of days. Therefore, the concepts on which the project was based were storytelling, legacy and privacy.

After completing high school, Gabriel decided to accept the collaboration proposal made by Alessandro, thus starting a period of development. Later on, in April 2017, YouRemind was accepted in Treatabit, a support program for digital startups promoted by the incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin: during this period we began approaching and studying the Lean Startup methodology. The result has been having our first pivot: since we were economically too expensive for consumers, both in terms of time and money, we decided to pivot towards communities.

YouRemind became, therefore, a platform where groups of people, like associations or companies, could come together to tell something they have in common, and automatically have YouRemind make ebooks.

Mockup and some screens of the first web app versions.

Towards the end of 2017, a collaboration began with the Municipality of Moncalieri (province of Turin) and with Libera Piemonte, the most important anti-mafia association in Italy.

With the validation carried out, a long period of changes and implementations began.

In October 2018, YouRemind was selected for the semi-finals of Idee Vincenti, a call promoted by Lottomatica and Polihub.

 Italian Pitch Deck

In January 2019 we published apps for iOS and Android.

In April 2019 we decide to suspend the service: in the end, we realized that YouRemind has been an awesome gym, thanks to which we discovered and made our own the startup mindset, and all this solely based on our experimentation, failure, learning and hard-working.

Even though the project was born in 2015, we can say that we started to work on it consistently in 2017. In all these years, we have invested a lot of personal time and money (unfortunately I haven’t kept the count) and we have never collected even one euro. We do have acquired some registered users, limited however to isolated events, with no return on the platform. Moreover, we have never used any type of communication channel, other than the classic Facebook page.

Stopping now for a moment and looking back, we’ve probably done all the typical mistakes most people approaching the startup world for the first time do:  focusing only on developing new features, leaving out communication and validation; dealing with a sector (mainly populated by associations) far from our experiences (neither of us is part of an association) and, most important of all, creating the solution first and then create the problem around it.

We’re happy to have worked on YouRemind and, despite being a big failure, we want it to be part of Alea Makers’ projects, because it’s thanks to all these mistakes that we’ve grown: we exposed ourselves to failure and opened to opportunities that we couldn’t have grasped if we hadn’t tried

(interacting with potential customers, learning to deal with issues not belonging to our studies, attending the course for development of early-stage entrepreneurial ideas organized by EIC of Politecnico di Torino and ICRIOS of Università Bocconi).

After all these years, being able to suspend YouRemind was, perhaps, the gesture of final maturity that predisposed us to move towards the creation of Alea Makers.


Hey, We are Alea Makers, nice to meet you!

We are Alessandro and Gabriel, from Turin (Italy). We love challenges and developing services for people.

We entered the startup world in 2014, and it was a crescendo of tests, failures and learned lessons. At the end of 2019 we decided to give ourselves an identity with well-defined values: this is how Alea Maker was born.

We believe in data and creative experimentation. We apply precise patterns to each new idea, which begins with the problem validation up to the endless phase of requesting feedback from our customers.

We treat complicated challenges and problems as opportunities to best express our potential. Our extreme curiosity constantly pushes us out of our comfort zone, creating an infinite iteration between making mistakes and learning from them. We love to collaborate with stimulating people, who have a strong passion for something, even if it's not our domain. We love sharing what we learn and helping other enterprising people like us.

We are open to any kind of opportunity, feel free to send us an email!

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