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Online course platform, converted the first customer four days after the first ads.

Fudeo is a learning-platform for the Italian market, with courses on the latest technologies, aimed at developers.

We started working on it in April 2019, debuting with a course on Flutter. This choose was after Gabriel put this skill on his LinkedIn profile, and he started receiving multiple job offers. It was clear to us that there was a strong demand from the market in terms of jobs, and a lack of supply of developers, particularly in Italy.

Our first move has been testing the market fit, to see if it made sense to invest money and time in the development of this platform. Before we started writing code, we decided to sponsor a Facebook post to generate leads. The result was about twenty emails in a few days. It was enough.

After taking some time to analyze in detail the idea, we asked ourselves what could be the best distribution platform. We evaluated the most famous ones and they simply did not seem worth it: it was clear that a better idea was to spend time and some initial money (around 10 bucks) to develop our own platform, rather than giving away most of the revenues in fees.

We spent about a month planning and developing the platform. Initially we were  using the YouTube player to serve our videos, which unfortunately allowed also anyone who purchased the course to click on the title of the video embedded in our platform, open it on YouTube, copy and share the link with anyone. It has been a good decision looking back, it allowed us to move fast and not pay for a more premium service.

So, here was the validation strategy: record the first three video lessons of the fifteen planned and make them accessible for free in exchange for the email. Everything was ready by the end of May. We published the platform and started the sponsorship on Facebook.

After about a week, a call arrived to Alessandro’s personal phone: the number was taken from the Stripe checkout, there for assistance purposes.

We had made the first sale and the buyer was worried because, after the first three lessons, he saw nothing else.

At that exact moment, we realized that the “fake it until you make it” method is dangerous for a product. We reimbursed the entire amount and gave him a 50% discount code that he could use when we arrived to publish the eighth lesson (just to be clear, we left him access to the course anyway). The next day, the situation repeats itself: purchase, refund, e-mail apology.

We decided, therefore, to record the other video-lessons and to post throughout the site, that we were in the pre-launch phase and therefore some lessons were still missing.

We updated the strategy: we decided to record and publish at least two video-lessons a week, communicating to all the contacts of the newsletter (which meanwhile was growing) news about the newly released videos and giving them a discount code with a small time-window to make the purchase.

Mailchimp's audience growth

Two weeks after its launch, Fudeo paid its own costs: it was self-sustainable. All the money collected had always been reinvested to improve the platform: one of the most important was the replacement of the video player, from YouTube to Vimeo Pro.

One of our main characteristics that allowed us to keep a good reputation has been paying lot of attention to problem resolution. We respond within 10 minutes to all requests / bug reports that came to us.

At the beginning of October 2019, we launched Fudeo 2.0, with completely redesigned graphics, new features and additional in-depth video lessons.

 Fudeo v. 2

(updated August 5, 2020):

During the last week of April, in full Italian lockdown, we launched a Facebook campaign with our course on discount.

From that moment everything changed.

In the first seven days, we quadrupled visits to the site and increased sales by + 100% compared to the previous month.

In May, revenues grew 250%, forcing us to rethink our entire organization.

Audience Change  (360 days)

First of all, it seemed the right time to gather all the requests from our students about the course, and group them in a new, more advanced one.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, we wanted to update the entire platform to version 3:

In reality it was a matter of rewriting the entire project from scratch, to adapt it to new needs.

The most important novelty was the predisposition of the platform to host other teachers, thus making Fudeo’s entry into the e-learning platform market officially.

Fudeo v3

In addition, we have also updated the communication strategy, trying to create a product more attractive to our target, namely companies and professional developers.

July 8 was the day of the launch of the advanced Flutter course and the new version of Fudeo.

Hey, We are Alea Makers, nice to meet you!

We are Alessandro and Gabriel, from Turin (Italy). We love challenges and developing services for people.

We entered the startup world in 2014, and it was a crescendo of tests, failures and learned lessons. At the end of 2019 we decided to give ourselves an identity with well-defined values: this is how Alea Maker was born.

We believe in data and creative experimentation. We apply precise patterns to each new idea, which begins with the problem validation up to the endless phase of requesting feedback from our customers.

We treat complicated challenges and problems as opportunities to best express our potential. Our extreme curiosity constantly pushes us out of our comfort zone, creating an infinite iteration between making mistakes and learning from them. We love to collaborate with stimulating people, who have a strong passion for something, even if it's not our domain. We love sharing what we learn and helping other enterprising people like us.

We are open to any kind of opportunity, feel free to send us an email!

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