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Rethink how you organize your local projects

DevSpace has been Gabriel’s side project for quite a while (something like 2 months), and now it’s joining the Alea Makers family, with all the other projects we’ve been developing so far!

It’s start is actually pretty simple: every developer with lots of projects knows the pain of having to manage tons of folders, source code, assets, documents and so on.

DevSpace is born with the intent of helping busy and prolific developers organize all their things together, and never lose track of important things. It’s desktop app (developed in electron), easy to setup, customize and use.

But, even though DevSpace was originally Gabriel’s side project, we saw some potential in it, and decided to give it a “promotion” and try to focus on this project for some weeks, so that we could gather more informations, get some initial beta users and then publish it as a paid app.

The validation has been a quick & dirt process, we just wanted to make sure there would be at least some traction, and what we got we considered it enough to justify dedicating 2 weeks to it:

Although DevSpace is not open source in the common sense of the term, meaning that the source code is not public, we intend to adopt a strategy of open management, meaning that all issues, bugs, feature requests and roadmaps are publicly available on this GitHub page.

Hey, We are Alea Makers, nice to meet you!

We are Alessandro and Gabriel, from Turin (Italy). We love challenges and developing services for people.

We entered the startup world in 2014, and it was a crescendo of tests, failures and learned lessons. At the end of 2019 we decided to give ourselves an identity with well-defined values: this is how Alea Maker was born.

We believe in data and creative experimentation. We apply precise patterns to each new idea, which begins with the problem validation up to the endless phase of requesting feedback from our customers.

We treat complicated challenges and problems as opportunities to best express our potential. Our extreme curiosity constantly pushes us out of our comfort zone, creating an infinite iteration between making mistakes and learning from them. We love to collaborate with stimulating people, who have a strong passion for something, even if it's not our domain. We love sharing what we learn and helping other enterprising people like us.

We are open to any kind of opportunity, feel free to send us an email!

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