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Born from the roots of Fudeo, ready to go international is the natural evolution of Fudeo, so we suggest you to take a look at the history of Fudeo before continuing to read (click here).

With version 3 of Fudeo we’ve added the possibility to let other teachers use our platform to sell their courses.

Given the continue desire to improve our services, the day after we published the new version, we started to think about what could really make a difference on an e-learning platform.

Finally, in the middle of summer, just before mid-August, Gabriel proposed a new functionality that could reshape Fudeo: a community section, alongside the courses one, composed by spaces where students could freely discuss specific topics. To put it in a simpler way: Reddit channels.

To add more on this, we have a Facebook group and it has become inadequate, with time, for one simple reason:

objectively, people are moving away from using Facebook actively. Several of our clients, and even more potential clients, have complained about being forced to use Facebook to participate in our community.

On top of this, we had a bad experience with Facebook management as well: about a year ago a bug caused us to not be able to access our group anymore as administrator, and this brought us in the end to abandon it. Facebook assistance told us they could do nothing about it. Really a shame for such a large company.

By integrating spaces within the platform, we’re not only solving this problem, but we’re also offering an effective tool to strengthen the school’s brand.

Just imagine you have some courses that deal with financial education and bitcoin and, in addition to selling courses, you could also have a virtual place, completely customised with your brand, where your community meets to exchange advice and personal experiences.

Branded platform * (selling courses + community)= reliable brand and long lasting business

This has been one of the main reasons we’ve started working on v4 just after one month from the release of v3.

With this version, however, we have made a fundamental change:

we decided to split the two services.

In fact, until that moment, Fudeo was both a course brand and a platform to manage and sell courses to people.

This has always created a lot of confusion, both to the people we talked to and to us.

So, Fudeo has now officially become “just” a brand producing online courses in Italian, with a special focus on Flutter;, this is the name chosen for the new service, deals with offering a customised platform to creators who want to grow their brand in their field with the help of online training.

We’ve chosen this name to be in close relationship with our main target, creators: people that produce digital content (such as marketers, youtubers, instagrammers, etc.) and want to sell online courses, taking care and growing their community, with a strong focus on brand positioning.

We love our target, made up of interesting and enterprising people, allowing us to work on something we like with amazing human beings and learn a ton about other sectors in the meantime.

For this reason we’re pretty picky on selecting creators to whom we propose our service and we evaluate each proposal received: we are interested in creating a long lasting collaboration with the creators, so as to trigger a virtuous exchange of opinions and skills and offer a high quality service both for them and for their students.

Since the launch day, we’re very happy to have with us Profession AI, the creator behind the best selling online courses on Artifical Intelligence in Italy, with over 10k students.

It is a practical example of the virtuosity we are so interested in: every call becomes an opportunity to exchange opinions and advices.

The needs of Profession AI, together with those of Fudeo, allowed us to develop a mature platform, with advanced functionality and a well-thought design, almost ready to compete on an international market.

We know we’re moving in a crowded sector, but we strongly believe there’s a lot of room for movement, given the dissatisfaction of many teachers with the current offering.

If you are interesting in learning more why we think so, we’re intentioned to write more about it in our blog.

Hey, We are Alea Makers, nice to meet you!

We are Alessandro and Gabriel, from Turin (Italy). We love challenges and developing services for people.

We entered the startup world in 2014, and it was a crescendo of tests, failures and learned lessons. At the end of 2019 we decided to give ourselves an identity with well-defined values: this is how Alea Maker was born.

We believe in data and creative experimentation. We apply precise patterns to each new idea, which begins with the problem validation up to the endless phase of requesting feedback from our customers.

We treat complicated challenges and problems as opportunities to best express our potential. Our extreme curiosity constantly pushes us out of our comfort zone, creating an infinite iteration between making mistakes and learning from them. We love to collaborate with stimulating people, who have a strong passion for something, even if it's not our domain. We love sharing what we learn and helping other enterprising people like us.

We are open to any kind of opportunity, feel free to send us an email!

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